About Us

Neutral Bay Community Centre which operates within the premises of Neutral Bay Community Centre (owned by North Sydney Council) is a volunteer-based community organisation established in 2001.

It is governed by a Board elected by its members annually at its Annual General Meeting. Membership is open to people of all ages who are interested in the activities and programs offered by Neutral Bay Community Centre.


From left to right: Sally Leung, Paul Mottek, Janice Bergheim, Van Marinos, Tina Kazmer, Peter Kluger, Anastasia Cheruvelil, Jenny Heath, Maria Spinoulas


Neutral Bay Community Centre aims to provide a welcoming and enjoyable place where people of all ages can come together to learn, grow, connect and be inspired.


The Constitution guides the conduct and way in which Neutral Bay Community Centre runs, as well as the requirements of its members.